Mumbai bikins is an argentinian swimsuit brand that believes in inclusive sizing for their garments. At the start of their journey, Mumbai had only 3 sizes available. It was then when they decided to offer 6 sizes on all their swimsuits.
To communicate this new stage we worked side to side creating a strategy to raise brand awareness and let recurrent clients about the good news. 
It was in that moment that we decided to make a post telling the brand followers about the new sizes while inviting them to participate in the official campaign. How? Applying by commenting posts about the campaign both in our accounts. There was no need to be a professional model or to have participated in any shoot beforehand. The goal was to make costumers feel part of the brand content while letting them know that everyone can be a bikini model, starting with finding their size in their favourite Mumbai bikini. These posts got aproximetely 3000 comments, meaning that almost 1700 girls applied to be selected for the campaign. One girl of each size the brand offered were selected to participate. 
As a result, the brand gained more than 2000 followers on Instagram. On top of that, the participating models and the founder of the brand were inteviewed by Infobae, an argentinian online news portal. The founder of the brand convened by a congresswoman to present her position regarding the national size law in the nation's congress
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